Gold Industry Chain

Excellent Quality due to Clean Power

Full electronic-controlled engine control system has no need to be provided with electronic fuel control governors (including speed sensors, governor control devices, actuators and other installation parts) required by mechanical generators, thus greatly simplifying the matching requirements.


As a world-class power brand it has five core technologies of engine (filter system, fuel system, electronic control system, turbocharging system and combustion optimization system), which realizes the perfect combination of engine economy, power and emission performance.

It is perfectly combined with the most commonly used generator controller in China.

It is controlled by a simple key switch, and only three switches, three rheostats (specification: 0-5KΩ) and one emergency stop switch are required.

The engine has no power loss at the speed of 1800rpm, altitude of 1000m and ambient temperature of 40 °C. The engine has no power loss at the speed of 1500rpm, altitude of 1000m and ambient temperature of 35 °C. Note: The above power loss data are measured based on the intake resistance of 10 inH2O (2.5kpa) and exhaust back pressure of 2 inHg (6.77kpa).


As Safety Equipment and Environmental Protection Pioneer

Ensure the environmental protection and safety of use, and no smoke is exhausted during startup.

Noise is lower than that of the product at the same grade. It is the best embodiment of people-oriented product.

Meet the international leading non-road emission regulations and standards.