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Strong Power Leading the Industry

As Cummins flagship non-road engine product, QSM11-C full electronic-controlled engine has a great reputation in global engineering machinery industry. The engine has been localized in Xi'an Cummins Engine Company Limited. It features excellent reliability, durability, fuel economy and safety, and has been widely used in many engineering machinery fields such as rotary drilling rigs, truck cranes/crawler rigs, mining trucks, oil field equipment, reach stackers, wheel loaders and rail cars.


Compared with ISM11 model, QSM11-C non-road engine has more stringent requirements for durability and strength, so the parts have higher strength, surface hardness and wear resistance. Compared with Max./Min.

Speed governing system of ISM11, QSM11-C can be used to realize all-speed governing with faster transient response, and can better satisfy the needs under complex operating conditions for engineering machinery.

Mature Technology Providing Excellent Quality

Cummins patented combustion chamber ensures more sufficient combustion to provide strong and continuous power.

Cummins patented fuel injection control system, with a fuel injection pressure up to 1800 bar (200 bar more than other engines), has good atomization and more sufficient combustion.

Optimized turbocharging system with a bypass valve is provided with machined impellers and has higher reliability.

The world's leading electronic control system can be used to optimize transient response and power output, fully monitor the operation status of the engine, automatically diagnose faults and quickly give alarms.

Meet international leading non-road emission regulations and standards.

Reliable Quality and High Dispatching Ratio

Key assemblies and parts are imported from the US, including cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, camshaft and connecting rod mechanism, which are reliable and durable.

The production standard, manufacturing procedures, assembling process and quality control system are based on Cummins’s global uniform standard.

Integrated error correction system and assembly control system ensure zero defect on production lines.

Imported test bench (AVL) based Cummins standard must be used to inspect all off-line engines completely to ensure best performance of QSM11-C.


Easy to Deal with Complex Operating Conditions

Strong oil adaptability

· Cummins patented Celect fuel system adapts to impurities less than 10 microns, and can be better operated under the operating environment for engineering machinery products.

 Good environmental adaptability

· QSM11-C engine can be normally started at -15℃. If inlet preheating device, fuel heating device or oil heating device are optionally equipped, it can be properly started at -35℃, even in high and cold environment.

· Self-tension device can be used to reduce the workload of adjusting the belt and avoid belt slipping, reducing belt wear and prolonging the service life of the belt.

· Oil pan with an oil baffle-plate is suitable for the operating condition of slope, avoiding the possibility that the oil pump is emptied to ensure the lubrication of all moving parts of the engine.

· Cummins proprietary intelligent altitude sensing system can be automatically adjusted between 0-5000m at different altitudes to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

Product Specifications