SHACMAN Telematics
What is SHACMAN telematics
Advantages of manufacturers
SHACMAN Telematics vehicle networking system was born in 2011. It is the vehicle networking product independently developed by SHACMAN, and the first vehicle networking service product in China's heavy truck industry.
Service and application
SHACMAN Telematics vehicle networking company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHACMAN Group, which is a comprehensive service provider specializing in the research, application and sales of truck vehicle networking technology.
As of May 2020, the number of on-line vehicles of SHACMAN Telematics system has exceeded 650000, which is the largest enterprise platform in China.
Oversea business
Officially released in December 2018, the overseas edition has served customers in 16 countries and regions (Philippines, Cambodia, Zambia, etc.), covering Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions.
System composition
1、Collect a variety of vehicle electrical data, engine ECU data and fault codes, and conduct comprehensive supervision on driving safety;
2、Realize vehicle intelligent control.
1、Real time storage and management of big data generated by the website;
2、Calculate the original big data according to the set logic;
3、Feedback the calculated data to the management website .
1、Present comprehensive vehicle operation data to customers and supervision units to realize transparent transportation management;
2、Through user name and password, you can log in to the website for online vehicle management.
SHACMAN Telematics overseas team service
  • Alarming management
    • Abnormal oil volume
    • Access area
    • Super long driving
    • speeding
  • Setting management
    • Alarm statistics
    • Driving behavior rating settings
    • Regional management
    • Line management
  • statistical analysis
    • Alarm statistics
    • Driving behavior analysis
    • Mileage statistics
    • Oil consumption statistics
  • vehicle monitoring
    • Image capture
    • Historical tracking
    • Message management
    • Vehicle positioning
Display Function
Vehicle terminal
Home display
Application center
On board display
Oil consumption analysis
Video surveillance