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H3000S ready to meet the world

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The first batch of SHACMAN H3000s are now completed! H3000S went through a comprehensive optimization and upgrade compared to the regular H3000. Let's see what the “S” brings to the table.

The H3000S adopts a brand-new exterior appearance and interior design. The configuration of the whole vehicle has been greatly upgraded, including redesigned pipelines and electrical systems and the performance is enhanced further. It can not only fully meet multiple transportation scenarios such as port, mineral, daily industrial products and bulk cargo transportation but exceed expectations.

The front cover panel uses a baked black piano paint trim panel with a large wave pattern air inlet grille and chrome plated strips around it for a stylish and elegant look. At the same time, a chrome plated trim strip is also used at the lower grille, which adds a lot of texture and definition to the overall frontal appearance


The darkened matrix LED headlamp adopts split design for the high and low beam. The semi surrounding LED lamp belt running from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner is both used as a daytime running lamp and turn signal lamp. The LED headlamp has a color temperature of 6000K and the service life of the light source exceed 50000 hours, which is 60 times that of the halogen lamp. The SHACMAN logo is positioned at the lower inner corner of the lampshade to increase the sense of class and brand recognition.

The front cover is supported by double hydraulic tappets and the pipeline is arranged in a more streamlined fashion. The windshield washer filler is located on the left-hand side at the same height of the door handle allowing ease of operation.

The newly designed cab suspension mount adopts the design of 2 front and 1 rear height valves. These mounts have improved response and tighter control compared to standard suspension setups, allowing for a smoother ride no matter how bad the road conditions.

Traveling in comfort is something that we all look forward to whether it’s on a plane or behind the wheel of a 60-ton truck. That’s why the H3000S is equipped with Grammer air suspended seats as standard. The seats damping, height and depth can be adjusted and the mechanical lumbar support has been upgraded to air lumbar support.


Two tone interior design gives the passengers a more premium feeling. The vehicle is also equipped with the rearview camera to further ensure driving safety.

The overall design of the instrument panel is taken in part from luxury vehicles to give off a sense of beauty and pride. A 10-inch color LCD is located in the middle, which can display rich vehicle data as well as containing the multimedia system. The main information of the vehicle can be read without entering the secondary menu. The multimedia system integrates audio-visual entertainment and air conditioning control functions. The speedometer of H3000S has been upgraded to with a digital interface, designed for information to be easily and accurately passed on to the driver. The cabin’s air conditioning system has also undergone changes with increases the cooling and heating capacity by 6% - 10%.

Three storage boxes and two storage compartments on the roof can hold most of the luggage on board

Two 220V charging sockets are set at the lower end of the sleeper for easier accessibility.

These first H3000S are equipped with Weichai 430 hp engine with a maximum torque of 2075 N.m at 1000-1400 RPM. The vehicles also take advantage of Fastex double intermediate shaft with all helical teeth, all aluminum alloy shell design and matched with pneumatic shift assistance. Hande MAN technology axle, with small speed ratio and direct gear can take into account a variety of complex road conditions such as high-speed and mountainous areas, giving the H3000S a better ability to adapt to its surroundings. The transmission efficiency of the whole power chain is more than 97%.

Equipped with 700-liter aluminum alloy fuel tank, the H3000S not only hauls more but goes further. Adapting to the road conditions in various overseas market, the vehicle is equipped with side panel protection, water tank protection and oil pan protection. A fuel filter element is added to effectively protect the key assemblies of the vehicles and adapt to various road conditions.

The vehicle adopts direct flow air filter, honeycomb filter element and nano filter paper with high filtration efficiency and low air inlet resistance. This combination reduces fuel consumption while increasing the maintenance cycle of the filter element to up to 60000 km.

In order to better meet the needs of overseas users, SHACMAN continues to upgrade and innovate. We have courage to make breakthroughs and are committed to providing users with reliable products and considerate services as well as more efficient operation value experience.